Day: September 17, 2017

Week 3: Ravens vs Jaguars Football Fight Prediction Analysis

Week 3: Ravens vs Jaguars Football Fight Prediction Analysis
Ravens vs Jaguars Week 3

Ravens will meet in week 3 with one of America’s worst football team Jaguars. The team Baltimore so far an unbeaten team in NFL 2017. On the other hand, the team Jacksonville comparatively weak than Baltimore at the same span. Bal Ravens so far is successful in this season but the Jags fail to reach their expected goal. Jacksonville won 22 of 96 games over the last six seasons which is the most useless mark in the NFL. And this is enough for Ravens vs Jaguars football prediction which express the difference between the two teams. Moreover, in terms of Baltimore vs Jacksonville football prediction, the phenomena like their 2016 stats and last five matches info also reveals the entity of the both teams in this season. So, let’s see who will win the match on Sunday? Who will wear the crown?

Week 3: Ravens vs Jaguars Football Fight Prediction Analysis

Ravens and Jaguars both meet for 20 times since 1996-2016. And Jaguars lead the all-time series by 11-9. But Ravens has the asset like RB Justin Forsett and Terrance West who can change the game in a moment. Moreover, Baltimore’s last season’s stats were up to the mark where Jacksonville’s last season was the futile one. Because last season Baltimore Ravens Games won 8 of 16 but Jacksonville won only 3 of 16 games. Furthermore, in this season Baltimore won all the game since week 2 but Jacksonville still failed to expose their strength. So, Baltimore vs Jacksonville football Prediction goes 80% winning chances Baltimore.

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Baltimore at Jacksonville Kick-Off Time & Venue

Let’s check out the game schedule Ravens vs Jaguars week 2 game where we can examine that Ravens vs Jaguars football prediction will be true or not.

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