Baltimore Ravens Rivals
Baltimore Ravens Rivals 2018

The Biggest Baltimore Ravens Rivals Till 2018

The Professional US Football team known as the Baltimore Ravens, are a massive force within the AFC Northern Division. The Ravens, play their home fixtures out of M and T Banks Stadium, located in the town of Baltimore, Maryland. In their relatively short lifespan, they have built up an impressive history which includes achievements such as; Two AFC Championships, Four Division Championships, and two Super Bowls.
Since their switch from the central , into the North, the Ravens have been involved in building a number of different rivalries. Rivalries are good in terms of the fans and the competition that it breeds. Their main Baltimore Ravens Rivals in the Northern Area include;

Pittsburg Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens

The Steelers are probably the Ravens main and most intense rivals.They are both alike in their Hard tackling, and that they are both a big strong unit. It’s these similarities that have caused the recent matches to be very close, with the two sides being separated by a meager Three points. They are to play each other Twice a season, both home, and away. Theses Two sides have also met Four times in the Division playoffs. The intense rivalry, in this case, is brought about by Geography, as well as the similar styles of play.

Indianapolis Colts vs Baltimore Ravens

Rather than an on-field rivalry, as in the case of the Steelers, this rivalry is more in terms of the fans. This was brought about when the colts coach, snuck from Baltimore in the dead of night, and set of his team in the city of Indianapolis, causing a wide rift between the Two clubs. So much so that the colts name is not displayed on the away sides scoreboard, as with others. Surprisingly it’s the Colts that have the advantage over their rivals, in terms of wins, leading 9 wins to 3, as well as 2 wins to 1 in the playoffs.

New England Patriots vs Baltimore Ravens

This is truly a players rivalry, which started in a real way in 2007 when the Ravens narrowly missed out on victory, going down 27-21, in a match that verged on violent. The tensions flared once again in 2009, when the teams drew each other in a wild card draw, again the Patriots were victorious however there was again violent flare-ups during and after the game. It would seem this rivalry is born out of the passion and the want to win.

Baltimore Ravens Rivalry Schedule 2018-19

Steelers Ravens Regular-Season Week 9

Sunday, November 4 at 1:00p ET
Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers
M&T Bank Stadium

Ravens Steelers Regular-Season Week 4

Sunday, September 30 at 8:20p ET
Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens
Heinz Field

Ravens Colts Pre-Season Week 2

Monday, August 20 at 8:00p ET
Indianapolis Colts vs Baltimore Ravens
Lucas Oil Stadium

Ravens Bears Hall Of Frame

Thursday, August 2 at 8:00p ET
Chicago Bears vs Baltimore Ravens
Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium

Bengals Ravens Regular-Season Week 2

Thursday, September 13 at 8:20p ET
Baltimore Ravens vs Cincinnati Bengals
Paul Brown Stadium

Ravens Bengals Regular-Season Week 17

Sunday, November 4 at 1:00p ET
Cincinnati Bengals vs Baltimore Ravens
M&T Bank Stadium

Other Baltimore Ravens Rivals

The Ravens have had other rival sin the Northern AFC division, not surprisingly with the Cleveland Bears, due the fore mentioned relocation of the team, The Ravens are in control of this rivalry, however, and they lead by 27 wins to 9. The only other rival to speak of is the one with the Cincinnati Bengals. The win ratio between the two , which is currently 21 wins to 21, which might explain this competitive rivalry

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