Baltimore Ravens vs New England Patriots Rivalry

New England Patriots vs Baltimore Ravens Rivalry
New England Patriots vs Baltimore Ravens Rivalry 2018 Getty Images


New England Patriots vs Baltimore Ravens Rivalry – Will It Ever End ?

The Baltimore Ravens vs New England Patriots surely rank in the top professional American football teams. Each of these teams has had super, super success and because of their success and popularity, there is real New England Patriots vs Baltimore Ravens Rivalry between these two winners. Their history is heated. Each and every time these two teams play against each other, it feels as if you are watching a championship game. In fact, the total meeting games that these two teams have played each other amounts to 13 times which includes 4 post-season games.

So Why Did Patriots-Ravens Rivalry Come About?

The Ravens and the Patriots have met four times in the last seven National Football League post-seasons. These two teams already look at each other as the team blocking their way to the Super Bowl; in fact they just don’t even get on. The Ravens big enemy is Tom Brady, probably one of the best quarterbacks ever in NFL history, having led his Patriots team to many a double-digit win in his career. That makes it pretty obvious why the Ravens see Brady as their number one public enemy. The Baltimore Ravens has a theme and its being physical and tough but the Patriots think that they are just supposed to win; and not afraid to show it. Both these magnificent teams have been at the top of the football world. Since Brady arrived, the Patriots have virtually been unstoppable and one team that has showed success in pegging them is the Baltimore Ravens. That is why there is this Ravens-Patriots rivalry.

First Meeting of Patriots-Ravens Rivalry

It was years back, in fact as early as 1996 that these two teams first met. But it was their rivalry that started around 2007. The Ravens suffered a bitter loss of 27-24 to the Patriots, with the rivalry escalating in 2009. The Patriots beat the Ravens again, scoring 27-21. In this game, Tom Brady and the Ravens line-backer, Terrell Suggs confronted each other. Verbal shots would fly backwards and forwards between these two through the media after this game. Still in 2009, the Ravens beat the Patriots in the 2009 AFC wild-card playoff, beating them at 33–14.

Into the Future,More Excitement From These Two Teams

The last game they played together was in December 2017 with the usual hype and passionate fan bases. Into the future, if past performances tell us anything, it is a good chance that we will continue to see this rivalry. One cannot do anything but respect the wins and championships of these two teams, and as Patriots safety Devin McCourty says,

“You want to try and play your best ball every time you go out there and play.”

And that applies to both the Patriots and the Ravens. No wonder there is such rivalry!

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