Dallas Cowboys vs Baltimore Ravens Review Highlights

  1. Baltimore Ravens vs Dallas Cowboys

Week 11,Sunday, November 20 at 1:00p ET



The Dallas Cowboys beat Baltimore Ravens, 27-17, in the Ravens vs Cowboys week 11 2016 game played at AT&T Stadium – Arlington, TX. This was their ninth win in a row and everyone had seen this win against Ravens coming. The game was won in the second half when the Cowboys decided to take control with Dak Prescott at the top of the game. The first half had been fairly competitive with both teams remaining at, 10-10, for a couple of minutes. Football games are won in the second half and the Cowboys did show this. A ten point lead margin was good. The Cowboys had been working hard with their current respectable style of football considering that 13 minutes to the final whistle the scores were, 10-17.

In the Cowboys vs Ravens,2016, its clear that the Cowboys won by maintaining a positive play. They took every advantage humanly possible. Dak took charge of the offense and with the help of his surrounding parts tried to account for every blocker while making sure to run away from any guy unaccounted for. None of his completed passes went too high and with this he found everyone. He had two touchdowns to Dez Bryant. Dak was also on his best when it came to receiving. A few touchdowns towards the end for the Cowboys helped put them right ahead.

The Ravens tried to put up pressure hoping to make the Cowboys panic and push them out of the goal range. There is a chance the Cowboys saw this coming and had to make them pay. In an attempt to combat the defense they spread it out. This made it easy to see to see what their intentions were and what they were about to do. There were too many Ravens into the boundary with Dez and Ezekiel Elliott being the eligible Cowboys. This prompted Dak to point who the back would be so that he could be able to throw a strike for the touchdown.

In previous Cowboys vs Ravens review the Ravens hoped to beat the ‘American team’. “We should beat this team and am not kidding.” Flacco said after the game. This was as Cowboys DB said he has no respect for S Smith. But unlike with the Steelers the Ravens have no rivalry with the Cowboys though you never know; it might be the next big news.

The Cowboys of 2016 are a whole different team. They are shredding one team after the other which came as a shocker to many at the beginning but by now their victory is being expected once they get into the stadium going by their previous matches.




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