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The Baltimore Raven has also ventured in Twitter where a various category of fans takes a time to refresh them. It has led to increasing the status and Baltimore Ravens Twitter modalities of watching this game from diverse. The Baltimore Ravens Twitter Fans, team officials, players can engage into open discussion on issues related to the ravens.

Almost all players have their own verified twitter page which have numerous fans across the globe. The players tweets opinion, reaction on games and photos. fans do follow them and retweet what the player tweet. The official tweeter page retweet important tweets from both fans and the players. Baltimore ravens tweeter fans page currently has  1.14M followers across the world. The number is increasing day by day. Moreover the page has so fat tweeted 53.6K tweets which attracted reactions from fans.

Hashtags #ravens

All the tweets from both players and the Baltimore Ravens Twitter Fans  have ‘#ravens ‘ tag. The tag specify the contents om twitter. during game days the hash tag become trending. One can easily get all tweets tweeted for or by Baltimore Ravens fans clicking the the trending #ravens.

The popular social media witness heavy traffic of fans for the number of fans out on social media is tremendously enormous. The on field roar can be felt or perceived on tweeter all over the year since the ravens fans are always there up for cheering up the team all year long,

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Baltimore Ravens Twitter page

Baltimore Ravens Twitter link
Baltimore Ravens | @Ravens
Baltimore News | @charmcitynews
Ravens Buzztap | @ravensbuzztap
CSN RavensVerified account | @CSNRavens
Baltimore Ravens | @ravenspress
Baltimore Ravens | @BR_BalRavens

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