Preseason Bills vs Ravens Game Fight Analysis Prediction Week 3

Preseason Bills vs Ravens Game Fight Analysis Prediction

Baltimore Ravens and Buffalo Bills both joined in the NFL as an American Professional football team. The team Ravens joined from AFC (North) in NFL. On the other hand, Bills joined in the NFL from AFC ( East) division. Ravens based in Baltimore, Maryland played their home games at M&T Bank Stadium. On the other hand, Bills based in BUffalo- Niagara Falls Metropolitan Area played their home games at New Era Field, Orchard Park, New York. Ravens ranked 2nd in AFC (North) where Bills ranked 3rd in AFC ( East). Furthermore, Ravens ended up being 17th and Bills ended up being 21st in overall NFL team standing. They both meet in Preseason Week 3 in NFL 2017 Season. Consequently, Preseason Bills vs Ravens Game Fight Analysis Prediction is vigorously important to judge the strength of both teams.

Before knowing about Preseason Bills vs Ravens Game Fight Analysis Prediction lets know the team individually. Throughout the whole discussion, we discuss several related parts of Bills vs Ravens Preseason Prediction. We will discuss their 2016 Results, their Last Five Match Result, Preseason Schedule 2017.

Ravens vs Bills Preseason Schedule (Time & Venue)

Bills vs Ravens Preseason Prediction

Since 1999-2016 Ravens and Bills both meet for 7 times where Ravens lead the series by 04-03. Moreover, Last Five Match Result shows that Ravens won 03 games where Bills won 02. Furthermore, in week 1 Ravens win by a huge margin with Redskins. On the other hand, Bills lose their week 1 by a huge margin with Vikings. So, in all Statistics Ravens are ahead than Bills and it may increase their winning chances in this season. In this way, Bills vs Ravens Preseason Prediction will go for the 98% of winning chances of this week 3 Preseason.

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Miami Dolphins vs Baltimore Ravens Preseason 2017

Check Out Miami Dolphins vs Baltimore Ravens Preseason 2017 Analysis & Prediction

Dolphin vs ravens Preseason 2017
Dolphin vs ravens Preseason 2017

Dolphins & Ravens are two powerful  NFL teams. They have bumped into 14 times (including 2 postseason games) in  NFL. Both teams are capable of cutting an astonishing figure this season games. Among fourteen meetings,  Ravens lead the all time series. Miami Dolphins vs Baltimore Ravens Preseason 2017 game will determine whether the Dolphins can make the balance of the series.  Before checking out Dolphins vs Ravens Preseason Prediction 2017 and game analysis, let’s take a look at the teams individually.

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are the youngest NFL team. They won  Super Bowl two times since their inauguration in 1996.  The Super Bowl championships came in 2000 & 2012. They are hardly seen in playoff rounds since then. The Ravens ranked 9th in 2016 AFC team standing. This year, is, therefore, important for them to retain the shaded glory they lost .See last season record of the Ravens.

See Baltimore Ravens Season Highlights 2016

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins last appeared at super bowl in 1984 and lost it to  San Francisco 49ers by 16 -38. Since then, no attempt succeeded to appear at playoff again to embark on the vessel of victory. The 52 years old NFL team made it to conference championship five times. They got ranked 6th  in 2016 AFC  team ranking and enter wild-card race.  Therefore Dolphins vs Ravens Preseason Prediction might be in favor of them. See last season record of the Miami Dolphins.

Miami Dolphins vs Baltimore Ravens Schedule 2017

In week 2, Baltimore Ravens will make a trip to Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida. Miami Dolphins vs Baltimore Ravens Preseason 2017 game to be held on August, 17. CBS sports tv will telecast the game live. See Baltimore Ravens Live options to watch Dolphins vs Ravens Preseason 2017 week 2 game live.

 See also Baltimore Ravens football Schedule 2017.

Dolphins vs Ravens Preseason Prediction 2017

Both Baltimore Ravens and Miami Dolphins get to play games together every year being in AFC. Baltimore Ravens lead the all-time series by 8-6-0. In the series of Dolphins vs Ravens Game, the Ravens scored 283 and the Dolphins 215. Besides in last five games, Ravens won best four with utmost elegance. Hence, Dolphins vs Ravens Preseason Prediction goes in favor of Baltimore Ravens even though the Dolphins will enjoy the home advantages.

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Buffalo Bills vs Baltimore Ravens Review Highlights

Buffalo Bills vs Baltimore Ravens

Week 1            Sunday, September 11 at 1:00p ET


Are the Bills and the Ravens a New Rivalry in the NFL? written by: Julia3016

Are the Bills and the Ravens a New Rivalry in the NFL?

While the rivalry between the Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Ravens may not be at the top of the list when it comes to classic NFL rivalries, it’s beginning to become one of the best to watch on any given Sunday.

The Buffalo Bills vs. the Baltimore Ravens in week 1 of the 2016-2017 season was one for the ages. If you appreciate a strong, knock-down-drag-out defensive battle, then this was the game for you.

With no Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers to help push the scoring forward, you get to witness the Tyrod Taylor and Joe Flacco show. If you were looking for an offensive explosion, you are looking at the wrong game.

Ending in favor of the Ravens by a score of 13 – 7, this was a defensive struggle from beginning to end. While the Ravens were determined to keep Tyrod Taylor squarely in their sights, securing him was another matter entirely. He completed 15 out of 22 passing attempts that helped keep the Bills within striking distance of the Ravens for most of the game.

Flacco, on the other hand, completed 22 out of 33 passing attempts for 258 yards and the lone touchdown of the game to help secure a victory in week one.

After the game, the Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan was quoted as saying that “it’s only week one and we have plenty of time to turn things around.” While the Baltimore Raven’s coach John Harbaugh lauded the skills of his ex-quarterback backup and current Bill’s starter Tyrod Taylor, saying, “His quarterback rating last year was very high (it was actually at 99.4). He did it with his legs, certainly, but that is not to take away what from what he has done with his arm and his mind. He operates an offense extremely well. He manages the game very well. He is an accurate thrower. He makes good decisions. The added element of the fact that is he is probably one of the best athletes in the game just makes him a real weapon.”

Fortunately for Harbaugh, the Ravens were able to escape with a 13 – 7 victory over the Buffalo Bills.

The Bills could get a much-needed boost in the coming weeks with the return of Safety Aaron Williams after missing almost a month with a concussion. Stephon Gilmore and Ronald Darby could really use the added help in the secondary, as that is where Flacco operated with immunity.

Dallas Cowboys vs Baltimore Ravens Review Highlights

  1. Baltimore Ravens vs Dallas Cowboys

Week 11,Sunday, November 20 at 1:00p ET



The Dallas Cowboys beat Baltimore Ravens, 27-17, in the Ravens vs Cowboys week 11 2016 game played at AT&T Stadium – Arlington, TX. This was their ninth win in a row and everyone had seen this win against Ravens coming. The game was won in the second half when the Cowboys decided to take control with Dak Prescott at the top of the game. The first half had been fairly competitive with both teams remaining at, 10-10, for a couple of minutes. Football games are won in the second half and the Cowboys did show this. A ten point lead margin was good. The Cowboys had been working hard with their current respectable style of football considering that 13 minutes to the final whistle the scores were, 10-17.

In the Cowboys vs Ravens,2016, its clear that the Cowboys won by maintaining a positive play. They took every advantage humanly possible. Dak took charge of the offense and with the help of his surrounding parts tried to account for every blocker while making sure to run away from any guy unaccounted for. None of his completed passes went too high and with this he found everyone. He had two touchdowns to Dez Bryant. Dak was also on his best when it came to receiving. A few touchdowns towards the end for the Cowboys helped put them right ahead.

The Ravens tried to put up pressure hoping to make the Cowboys panic and push them out of the goal range. There is a chance the Cowboys saw this coming and had to make them pay. In an attempt to combat the defense they spread it out. This made it easy to see to see what their intentions were and what they were about to do. There were too many Ravens into the boundary with Dez and Ezekiel Elliott being the eligible Cowboys. This prompted Dak to point who the back would be so that he could be able to throw a strike for the touchdown.

In previous Cowboys vs Ravens review the Ravens hoped to beat the ‘American team’. “We should beat this team and am not kidding.” Flacco said after the game. This was as Cowboys DB said he has no respect for S Smith. But unlike with the Steelers the Ravens have no rivalry with the Cowboys though you never know; it might be the next big news.

The Cowboys of 2016 are a whole different team. They are shredding one team after the other which came as a shocker to many at the beginning but by now their victory is being expected once they get into the stadium going by their previous matches.




Ray Rice

 The story of Ray Rice

Ray Rice
Ray Rice

Ray Rice (Raymell Maurice Rice) was born January 22, 1987, New York. Rice’s interest in football began back in high school when he was the main running back for the Huguenots team, coached by Lou DiRienzo. Rice’s High School team was almost unbeatable during the three seasons when Ray was part of the team, losing a single game in each of the three seasons. Rice is the state record holder in yards distance in one full game, during which he has scored total 462 yards on 42 carries. During his college years at Rutgers, when Ray Rice played for the Scarlet Knights team, he led the team to its first victory in 25 years. In 2006 his team got its highest ever season ending rank in the national polls.

Date of birth: January 22, 1987 (age 30)
Place of birth: New Rochelle, New York
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Weight: 206 lb (93 kg)


Professional Career:

Rice’s first NFL game was in 2008 season against Bengals. He achieved a team-high 22 carries, in a total of 64 yards. Ray Rice completed his 2008 season with 107 carries in 546 rushing yards and 273 receiving yards in thirty-three receptions. During 2009, Ray Rice was in the 2010 Pro Bowl, for the first time in his career. Baltimore Ravens recruited him in 2008 NFL draft and agreed to a 4-years deal worth $2.8 million plus a $1.1 signing bonus. In 2012 Rice has signed a 5-year contract with the Baltimore Ravens for $35 million. He then was franchise tagged during the off-season. On February 3, 2013, in Super Bowl XLVII, the Baltimore Ravens won against San Francisco 49-ers, and Rice earned his first Super Bowl Ring.

Career Statistics:

During his professional career, Ray Rice has played a total of 92 games with 1430 Rushing attempts totaling 6,180 yards and 369 receptions for a total of 3,034 yards. Throughout his career, Rice received several awards:
Super Bowl Champion (XLVII), AFC Rushing touchdowns leader (2011) and NFL scrimmage yards leader (2011).
Rice was in Pro Bowl three times (2009, 2011, 2012) and twice for Second-team All-Pro (2009 and 2011).


Contribution to Baltimore Ravens:

During his career in the Ravens, Rice has achieved several records for the team. On December 20, 2010, in a game against the New Orleans Saints team, Rice made a career-best 233 yards and two touchdowns. That was the third biggest distance in the history of the Baltimore Ravens. Following that achievement, Rice has got his first “AFC offensive player of the week” award. On January 9, 2011, in a game versus Kansas City Chiefs, he became the first running back of the Ravens team to get a receiving touchdown within a playoff game. While he was suspended for domestic violence, Rice got released by the Baltimore Ravens on September 8, 2014.


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