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Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl
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Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl History


It is the tackle, the run and the touchdown that fans can never get over American Football. This is what Baltimore, Maryland feels every Super Bowl season. Of the 32 teams battling in NFL, one of the teams in Baltimore Ravens have been one of the powerhouses in NFL games. Founded in Baltimore after then-owner Art Modell plans to relocate Cleveland Browns franchise to Baltimore. Always in blue, this mighty Ravens never failed to play the best and is constantly on the show making them the most valuable sports franchise in the 24th place. Moreover, attached to the name of the team are two successful Super Bowl successes.let’s know Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl particularly.

2000 (XXXV): Baltimore Ravens vs New York Giants

Ravens are dedicated to having that highly coveted Championship in the league as they step up their game through their defense. This gave them a head start with Ray Lewis as the Defensive Player of the Year. With a 5-1 record, Ravens started the season competitively. After trying to set their wind, Baltimore Ravens was able to go to Tampa to face the New York Giants. A battle of a stronger blue, Ravens was dedicated to having the championship as they recorded four sacks and enforced five turnovers. Ravens undeniably came out stronger as they bagged their first championship with 34-7 against the Giants and the third wild card team to be Super Bowl Champions.

2012 (XLVII): Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers

As the season for their defense player, Ray Lewis comes to an end, the team wanted to take another championship. The wind was stronger this time for the Ravens to fly as each team grew stronger. 10-6 was the record that Ravens had when they topped AFC North against Indianapolis Colts. San Francisco 49ers standing in against them for the battle in the championship built a 28-6 head start in the third quarter.  Tension grew as the game suspended for 34 minutes after a partial power outage making it the infamous Blackout Bowl game.

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San Francisco did not allow falling behind as they replied 17 points cutting the lead and taking the game. Ravens knew they are an inch close as they took an intentional safety to preserve the victory. With 3 touchdowns and 22 of 33 passes for 287 yards, Joe Flacco was named as Super Bowl MVP. Ravens journey in NFL was not easy as each season is a continuous battle to prove supremacy in the field. But with two Super Bowl Championships under their team’s name, they know they are made for the championship spot. These two championships would definitely be not enough for the Ravens and who know when will be the third.

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