Baltimore Ravens AFC Championships


The AFC championships, The penultimate game played in January on a yearly basis. This is the Second most important game in a season for the teams in the NFL, that’s if they make it that far. The game is a decided to determine the winner of the AFC (American Football Conference). The title is not the only prize on offer, however, adding to the matches importance is the fact that the winner faces the winner from the NFC (National Football Conference), in possibly the world’s biggest grossing, and most viewed sporting event, AKA The Superbowl

Baltimore Ravens, a team from the North division of the AFC are based in Maryland. They have a rich history in the playoffs and regularly come within touching distance of the AFC Championships. One of the most successful over recent years they are set as the 24th valuable sporting franchise in the world, with a 1.5 billion price tag put on the club. Known for being a defensive unit and hard to break down, the clubs record shows the success that Baltimore Ravens has enjoyed in the history of AFC. They have qualified on Ten occasions for the playoffs sine the year 2000 including Two Superbowl trophies. Other achievements include Two AFC Championships,15 playoff wins, 4 Appearances in the AFC Championships, and 4 AFC titles. So it’s not hard to see why they are such a valuable franchise, in what has become a sport that generates billions and billions of dollars. The Historic AFC Championship matches on their record will remain in people’s minds for a long time especially the Raven fans.

2000 Baltimore Ravens vs Oakland Raiders

This was a game that contained Two new world records and a game that shocked many, The Ravens went in the game with a record-breaking defensive record, and the Raiders had a less than average 29.9 points per game. The Ravens best offensive move happened in the form of One of the for mentioned records. Trent Dilfer made a 96-yard touchdown pass that goes down as the longest on record. The Ravens proved that they were worth the defensive masters and took the game 16-3, forcing four interceptions on the way to a world breaking defensive masterclass.

2012 Baltimore Ravens vs New England Patriots

This was the first championship game for 12 years for the Ravens, and which pitted old rivals. The Ravens went into the game with their usual impeccable defensive records, and solid at the back. However, it was their offensive play that made the headlines. There Seventeen-year veteran “Lewis” ran the show, but not alone. Flacco the up and coming Quarterback was immense, making vital passes and doing the simple things to perfection. The Baltimore Ravens took the game from New England with a score of 13-5 and that year headed to the New Orleans to compete for the Superbowl.