Ravens vs Colts Rivalry

Baltimore Ravens vs Indianapolis Colts Rivalry : A Bitter One


Indianapolis Colts vs Baltimore Ravens Rivalry
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Baltimore Ravens is an official American Football team in Baltimore, Maryland. They compete as the member of American Football Conference (AFC) North Division in the National Football League (NFL).Indianapolis Colts is another American Football team from Indianapolis, Indiana. They compete as the member of American Football League (AFC) South Division in National Football League.Check out how the fans animosity begot Indianapolis Colts vs Baltimore Ravens Rivalry

Ravens vs Colts Rivalry History and Analysis

The rivalry between these two groups is very well known amongst football enthusiasts. The two teams have met total 14 times including the three post season meetings. Indianapolis Colts have an overall superior score by winning 10 games as compared to the Baltimore Ravens who won only 4 games. The two teams met for the first time in RCA Dome stadium in Indianapolis on 13 October 1996. This match was attended by 56,978 spectators. This match was won by Indianapolis Colts by score (5-1). The Two teams meet Once every year or Once in every two years.

Indianapolis Colts are leading the Ravens vs Colts Rivalry series by 10-4-0. They have scored 314 points total whereas Baltimore Ravens scored 243. The last matches played between these two teams were a post season match on 6 January 2013 and regular season match on 5 October 2014 respectively. The post season match was attended by 71,379 people. Baltimore Ravens won this match with the score 24-9. The last game took place in Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis. A 65,258 audience attended this match. Indianapolis Colts won this match with a total score of 20 against 13.

Reason and impact of Colts-Ravens Rivalry

The major reason for Colts-Ravens Rivalry was fan animosity. This relation between the fans of two teams began when Colts moved to Indianapolis from Baltimore without prior warning. The Colts policy of addressing the opponent team as “away” lacks common decency according to the Raven fans. Colts also Hold an all time advantage of score 9-4 against Ravens. In the 3 playoffs, Colts has the advantage of 2-1.

Memorable Moments

In the match that took place between the Indianapolis Colts vs Baltimore Ravens Rivalry on 21 August 2006, the Ravens won the match by 19-18. Colts, being led by Andrew Luck displayed an efficient, conservative and offensive attack. Vontae Davis was injured. Fans of the opposing team deemed it to be nonserious. On 5 October 2014, Andrew Luck passed 312 yards and a touchdown leading Indianapolis Colts to a victory by 20-13. This had been a very emotional moment for the fans of both the teams as Ravens Fans were looking at the ground with shattered hopes while fans of Indianapolis Colts were rejoicing on the sudden unexpected victory.


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