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No one has better pride and loyalty than the Baltimore Raven fans. Being a fan is great fun and you can no doubt find the games exciting to watch! There are millions of dye hard Baltimore Ravens fans out there across the country. Huge inflows of the fans at  at M&T Bank Stadium and other stadium ravens play games embody the enormous supports the team has. The fans are found to chant slogans, lift placards for cheering the team up. The Opposite team finds it difficult to play at ravens home stadium full of aloud roars of  crazy fans.


Ravens Social Media fans

Millions of Ravens fans are out on social media where they continue their roar for ravens. the number of such fans are increasing. The official Facebook page of Baltimore Ravens fans currently have more than 2,355,422 people following. They post, comment and share ravens update on Facebook. Nearly 1.2 million people are  currently following Baltimore Ravens @Ravens on twitter. the fans desperately tweet and retweet ravens posts and photos. Fan watch ravens videos of different categories at its official  Youtube page with 22.5 current thousands subscribers. Such supports on social media are also evident on google plus. Thus there is huge traffic of crazy Ravens fans on popular social media.

Baltimore Ravens  Fans : AFC

The ravens have secured two Super Bowl and  AFC tittle with 10 play offs within its short journey since 1996. This rapid improvement, success and charisma of excellent players with 6 super hero honored at  Pro Football Hall of Fame have earned the team astonished number of supports from other team’s fans beyond division. that is why they have had  increased numbers fan cheering them at post seasonal games. When Ravens meet any NFC team at Superbowl , there are record numbers of fans stand in favor of them.


Crazy Raven Fans

Crazy fans are always special for ravens. They continue to show support even at off season days. the craziest are often found to tattoo their body with ravens logo, wear Ravens clothings and accessories. thus Crazy Raven Fans  benefit the team by purchasing their own merchandises. Beside the fans astonish us during  game days through unique ways of showing solidarity and aloud support for the purple army. Sometime crazy fans bring trouble at stadium by conflicting with the fans of another team. Such is evident at a raven vs raiders match that become headline. See the news at Yahoo.sports

Fans Forum

Baltimore Ravens officially created Baltimore Ravens club just for women. They name it Purple all fans known it Baltimore Ravens Purple. The goal of Purple is to provide our female fans a community entirely for themselves to flourish. Beside other online forums are there to discuss about ravens.

Fan Shops

Fans buys a great deal of ravens products like t-shirt, flag, cap, clothing and accessories. Such purchase provides economic benefits to the team and boost ravens product related  businesses. Their desperate purchasing prompt giants stores and eCommerce businesses to come up with ravens stuffs for them. Amazon.comWalmart have distinguished Baltimore ravens fans shop page to showcase and meet demands of  ravens products.

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